Kevin & Rachel

Wedding Menu



 Homemade potato dumplings with a brown butter sage sauce, topped with Macadamia nuts - our Vegetarian option.


Browned chicken breast drudged in flour and served over Artisan, eggless pasta. Topped with garlic, lemon butter sauce and capers - our Meat option.


Artisan, eggless pasta topped with a delicious plant based bolognese - our Vegan option. 

About the menu:

All pasta?! At a wedding?! How the hell are we supposed to dance afterward?! I'm sure many of you are wondering how we landed on this unique menu so we'd like to share with you a little background on why it is so special to us. 

Grandma Eve Henderson (bride's side) was a staunch and proud Italian who REALLY  wanted to be at this wedding. Sadly, she passed away in 2020 so this menu is our tribute to her and our way of feeling her presence throughout the celebration. 


One of the bride's favorite memories with Eve is when she visited her at her apartment in LA and taught her how to make Gnocchi from scratch in addition to her secret "gravy" sauce. 

The Gnocchi being served is Grandma's recipe, handmade by the bride. And, since she no longer eats cow or pig, Rachel combined forces with her Vegan friend to come up with a meatless version of her Grandmother's gravy to serve as our bolognese. 

The Chicken Picatta is because the groom loves Chicken Picatta - and because people fear gluten, the word "vegan", and it keeps within our pasta theme. It is the groom's recipe but we are sure Grandma would have approved. 

Please do not fear the pasta! Most of it is handmade and what isn't is of great quality. Similar to the pasta served in Italy, it is not as filling as what we are accustomed to eating in the states. You WILL be able to dance! 

Fuh -getta- boutit!