Kevin & Rachel

Things to Know

Wedding Venue:

HighView House

59070 Wilcox Lane Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Whether it's your first trip to the Hi Desert or not, these are things we feel are good to know about our town, the climate, etc. to make sure you pack and plan properly.



The Hi Desert's elevation is at 3,000 ft (for reference, Big Bear is about 6,700).

It is very dry so, lip balm and hand lotion are practically essential. 

It does get cold here so, be sure to pack a jacket, particularly for the evenings. 

Most of the ground, even around town, is dirt. Flats, boots, sneakers, and hiking shoes are the best footwear options.

It can get very windy so be mindful if/when wearing hats or loose articles of clothing.


Do not climb on Joshua Trees - they are very fragile, it is illegal, people take it very personally, and you will get fined. 

Cholla's are a jumping cactus and their needles break, splinter off, and blow around the desert. 

Always check your shoes so you aren't dragging them into your place of lodging where you are highly likely to step on one barefoot later.

Remember to completely close any doors or windows without screens or weather stripping. We have scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, bats, centipedes, and camel spiders that sometimes love to come inside.

When hiking, the general rule of thumb is when you reach half your water supply, it's time to head back.

There is no cell service in the National Park. 

Do not throw trash or uneaten food into the desert - it disrupts the ecosystem and brings wildlife where they aren't safe. 


There is a ton of wildlife (coyotes, bobcats, roadrunners, jackrabbits, pocket mice) so, please drive with caution.

While several roads are newly paved there are many streets that are not paved at all.


People without a 4x4 have been known to bottom out on the bumpy roads and/or get stuck in the sand. If you aren't sure whether you can make it in your car, turn around and/or find another way. 

We do have a 4x4 with a tow hitch if you need rescuing.

You will not need a 4x4 to get to our house/the wedding. Rachel drives her mustang down our roads every day.


Most stores and restaurants close on the early side so, be sure to pack a dinner if landing/arriving late. 

The amount of restaurants is limited and wait times for their small dining rooms can get hours long during peak tourist season (October). If you can make reservation, do so. Otherwise, plan on getting there very early.

We have many grocery stores that are open until 10p or 11p; Stater brothers, Vons, Grocery outlet, and Walmart. 

Masks and proof of vaccinations are not required to go in stores or restaurants at this time.