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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Creators Kevin Barrett and Rachel Melvin give you a little background on their Joshua Tree based brand.

Kevin and I met while standing in line at Home Depot. I had a splinter in my finger and, thanks to my Irish-Italian descent, made sure the whole store knew it. I had no idea this would get the attention of the man of my dreams and even though we had casual drinks that evening, neither of us thought much about the other after that.

We were both in the desert from LA designing and renovating our respective homes and getting them ready to operate as short term vacation rentals. That is, when we weren’t vacationing in them ourselves. Our focus was on creating a more stable and fulfilling life for ourselves, not on finding a mate - little did we know what the universe had in store for us!

Roughly nine months later (depending on which of us you ask anyway) our paths continued to intersect and after discovering a shared passion for travel, design, and home building, we eventually started dating. Shortly after, the idea of Food Shelter Sex was born.

Going from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree full time was a transition that entailed a lot of risk, discomfort, and uncertainty for us both. And, like many endeavors eliciting the same feelings, it turned out to be immensely rewarding. By beridinng ourselves of the unnecessary we ultimately traded in the complications of the city for a more permanent and minimalistic lifestyle in the desert, able to get back in touch with the things that really mattered to us; family, community, and experiences. Eager to share our personal discoveries with others so they too might begin to see life in a way that’s easily hidden from us by modern distractions, we started focusing on more serious ways to turn our idea(s) into an actual business.

Cue COVID 19. The unforeseen circumstances of a global pandemic ultimately prompted many others to see things the way we had albeit, in a much less glamorous way. And, as more people were forced to stay at home and learn how to shelter, feed, and occupy themselves without the modern conveniences that have ultimately limited our capabilities as humans, our idea suddenly went from being a luxury to a necessity.

More people are hitting the road to get outdoors and explore themselves and nature, relocating on account of altered employment, reconnecting or seeking refuge with loved ones as a result of lives and/or homes lost, and we quickly recognized a need for uplifting and inspiring content that provides them with the tools to make the most and get the most out of this one precious life we have.

Our goal at Food Shelter Sex is to help you do just that in the most streamlined and affordable ways possible. From how to pitch your own tent and build a fire, to recipes that easily transition from the kitchen to a campsite, we’ll give you the skinny on where to go, when, what products are actually worth your investment, how to cultivate the life and relationships you want, and so much more.

Life is an adventure and we believe it should be lived as such. Like any adventure, you don’t always know what to expect, what challenges you’ll face, what insight you may gain, or how that might effect the course you’re on. But, one thing is for sure: you’ll come far from where you started, a far better man because of it, wanting only to go further. Food Shelter Sex is here to make that journey easier to navigate.

And speaking of navigation, here Kevin and I are to introduce to you our site and how to get around it.

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