BREAKING GROUNDS - What to do with your morning coffee

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Our French press is always the last dish to be washed at the end of the day - and not because it's been in use for the entire duration. It's because no one wants to clean it. I'm not sure why it feels like such a tedious task but there it sits, neglected on our countertop until the next brew demands it be dumped. One day, when I finally decided to do the inevitable ahead of our typical schedule, an idea occurred to me that would turn this mundane duty into an exciting opportunity.

Salt, sugar, and coffee grounds have long been used in homemade body scrubs but I have to admit, I never thought to repurpose my morning discards into the same idea. Once it had dawned on me, I eagerly began scooping out the grounds like I was digging for gold, and placed them into a glass jar. I figured they weren't just valuable if and when consumed they'd be an invigorating pick me up to used in my morning shower as well.

And, what a cost effective, heavenly scented remedy for dead skin! Something everyone in the desert is definitely guilty of having at least every now and then. To do it yourself, simply add a little bit of coconut oil and store inside a sealed jar until ready to use. You'll never see cleaning out the press the same way again!

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