Like much of the nation, my sister opted to undergo several renovation projects in her home last year - and she wanted me and Kevin to do them. But, with our own remodeling endeavors underway and his mother's kitchen already on the docket, my sister was forced to either forge ahead without us, or wait until our schedule cleared up enough to make the drive up North to help out. A few weeks ago (nearly a year later) we finally arrived at her door step with a truck full of tools ready to tackle the one project she'd saved just for us  - her shower. 


Her two biggest issues with the space were a lack of light and feeling claustrophobic in such a tight space. And,

knowing my sister would want somewhat of a"safe" design to replace it, I felt choosing bright, simple materials and using them in a fresh and exciting way, would comfortably ease her into an elevated design that fit her aesthetic without upstaging the rest of the space.


 In the weeks leading up to our arrival I ran several designs by my sister with different price points for each. We both loved the idea of using the same subway tiles she'd used in her kitchen but laying them in a different pattern to give the space its own moment - and I LOVED the idea of  doing that with a herringbone pattern. Introducing a geometric shape like that of a hexagon, Greecian marble tile was a great way to balance out those lines as well, while also bringing in the color of the surrounding walls and floor. 

My sister couldn't wait for us to take the boring, dark, pre fabricated shower she loathed, and transform it into the spacious and bright shower of her dreams. And, neither could we.

To see our process from start to finish, and to learn about the steps involved, click on a picture from the gallery below.