Kevin & Rachel

Wedding Attire


Wedding colors: champagne, dusty rose, rust, sage green, brown, and black. 


 Wedding attire: "Western Cocktail." What does that mean?



A tuxedo will be too fancy for this celebration! But we are suggesting men either wear a suit and tie or dress shirt and slacks with a tie or bowtie. And if you have a vest and especially suspenders, now is their moment!




Cowboy/Boho/Straw/Coachella like hats will be too informal for this event but pairing a knee or floor length dress or pant suit with ankle or cowboy boots is highly encouraged!




The entire event (ceremony and reception) will be outdoors.


Our home is located off a dirt road and the terrain of our property is no different.


We have no grass, real or artificial, so you will be walking, sitting, and dining in the dirt (we will have a dance floor, however).


While partially graded, some of our grounds are uneven and hilly.


With all of this in mind we strongly recommend wearing flats.


While we do have maintained walking paths, there are a lot of cacti on our property.

With this in mind, we also strongly suggest wearing closed toe shoes to be extra careful.


Where the wedding is being held (Yucca Valley) the average highs for October are in the high 70's with average lows dropping to the high 40's.

Please note that though very close in mileage, you will be dropping in elevation (thus getting a few degrees warmer) as you drive towards Joshua Tree and then into Twentynine Palms. 

We do want to acknowledge that it can get quite breezy in the Hi Desert, which can make things feel a bit chillier.

However, October is by far the most beautiful month, specifically for weather, so we do not anticipate having much wind at the time of the wedding.